Monuments are granite cemetery headstones consisting of more than one piece of granite usually a top piece called a "tablet" and a base. Markers are also cemetery headstones, however unlike cemetery monuments they consist of only one piece of granite. They come in 3 basic shapes: Flat, Beveled and Slanted. In the case of granite monuments, granite is quarried from the ground in blocks, then sawn into slabs, and then finished with a lot of arduous skilled labor.

Bronze monuments are made by first creating a wooden pattern which looks exactly like the finished monument except for lettering and emblems. Removable lettering and emblems are placed on the pattern and a mold is made. Hot molten bronze is poured into this mold. After the bronze has cooled down it is removed from the mold, cleaned, machined, and polished. After some additional refinements it is ready to be shipped to the cemetery.